It's free to use and download
Nothing gets rounded up, or down at the checkout
Nothing is added to the final checkout cost
Jharis does not collect any of your details.


Jharis is a web browser extension that works on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. It enables you to donate a percentage of your shopping total to charity.

Our partners reward Jharis with a small monetary reward every time a sale is made through the extension. Jharis then donates the full monetary reward equally to two different charities - Watsi and Kiva. Watch the video to find out more. 

Using Jharis is simple. Install the extension (Chrome | Firefox), click it anytime you want to shop, go to the respective website via the Jharis extension and VOILA, you're done! Jharis does the rest.

 How much does Jharis donate? 


100% of Jharis’ earnings go to charity – each time you shop, the amount of commission Jharis receives is determined by several factors such as: price, retailer, product category, etc. You can see how much Jharis has made each month and how the money has been spent by signing up to our monthly email updates.  

 How is Jharis funded? 

The development team behind Jharis is covering all the expenses for its current and future development. All the money that Jharis collects from users is passed on to charity. If you are interested in assisting with the development of Jharis, please see bellow.