Here are some features we're looking to add within the next few weeks. 

Visual improvements:

  • Improved visual design of the extension.

  • Making the website mobile friendly.

  • Providing users with a visual representation of their donations through Jharis.

  • Adding merchant profiles and special offers.

More partnerships:

  • We're looking to add more affiliate partners- please feel free to email us any suggestions.

  • Implementing functionality to allow users to change and add their favourite affiliate partners and online stores on the extension layout. 

Advisory Board

  • We're looking into developing an advisory board of highly skilled individuals who believe in the project and can increase/maximise its impact

  • Developing strategic business partnerships to enable users to donate more to charity for free.

Any improvements you would like to see? Have a bug you would like to report? Feel free to email us or reach out on social media. We'd love to hear from you!

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